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PCBoard Setup

PCBoard Setup

PCBSetup is a utility designed to configure the operation of PCBoard. With PCBSetup you can define new conferences, add more file directories, and even change configuration options which determines how your system operates.

There are three ways to access PCBSetup:

  • From the call waiting screen, select PCBSetup.
  • While logged in locally (not with the /LOCALON switch for PCBoard), you can press ALT-S and select PCBoard Configuration (PCBSETUP).
  • From the DOS prompt you can load PCBSETUP.EXE. If a PCBOARD.DAT file cannot be found in the current directory and you have not used the /FILE command line parameter, you will receive an error message stating that PCBOARD.DAT could not be found.

If you need to specify a different location for your PCBOARD.DAT file, use PCBSETUP /FILE:[location of PCBOARD.DAT]. For example, to load PCBSetup and tell it to use the data file located in C:\TEMP\, you would type:


Once PCBSetup is running, you will see the Main Menu (shown on the previous page). The various functions of PCBSetup are available from these menu options. To select a particular option you can press the letter at the beginning of the line, or you may move the currently highlighted option using the cursor keys and press R. If you make a mistake, press E to return to the previous menu. To get help with a particular screen or option, press F1 to access the online help.

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