Da Cyber­Dawg

Yeah, sorry 'bout the name. I was 16... ;)


Da CyberDawg is a fully fledged PCBoard v15.3 BBS in 2019! Call now!


Long story

"Da CyberDawg" was the third and last of my original BBS'.
Back in 1995, aged 16, a BBS called "Kuehlbox", running RemoteAccess, just didn't cut it anymore. I wanted to play with the kewl kids and they almost exclusively ran PCBoard as software. Also, their BBS' had cooler names...

So in spring of 1995, I took my time and setup the best possible PCBoard BBS, I was able to, started spamming other boards with ominous notes at the oneliners, spread a nicely coded BBStro ending with a date for the grand opening and I even had a superkewl name, I thought: "Da CyberDawg" was, what I thought would be a name sufficiently representing the kewlnes of its SysOp.. ;)

When I relaunched the Kuehlbox in 2015, it was that BBS, I loosely tried to recreate using Mystic BBS on a modern Linux system. I only hesitated to use the name, since I'm not 16 anymore..

While Kuehlbox tries to create a vision of a moden BBS with all the possibilities of modern networks and systems and a grown up attitude, Da CyberDawg is its 1337 little sist4, trying to recreate an authentic 90ies scene-board feeling. This does include a certain language and attitude, I didn't change (much) for authenticity. Just think of a 16 year old SysOp filled with hormons and teenage angst.. ;)
If you want the 40 year old version of that very same SysOp, call the Kuehlbox.. Da CyberDawg is all about kewlness and being 1337 and if you don't like it: Gtfo, lamer! ;)

Kuehlbox will always stay my main BBS, but trend is going to a secondary BBS and in 2018, I started to feel the urge for a real, authentic PCBoard BBS.
So, I started experimenting with emulation, several embedded systems and finally virtualisation and in spring of 2019, 24 years after the original "CyberDawg" launched, I'm relaunching the new and improved "CyberDawg 2k" running on a virtual Windows 10 (32bit) at a hetzner datacenter, just like the Kuehlbox.
This isn't very authentic, but it's the best solution, I found so far.
In future, I'ld like to try some more local options, like the AtomicPi, but for now, I'll stick with hetzner...

Since I'm not much of an ansi artist, on many occasions, I ripped off old ansis from 1995, modified them to fit my needs and added as much information about the original artist, as possible. Back in the days, I would've gotten killed for that. Hope, it's okay, today.. ;)
If you're an ansi artist (yeah, I'm looking at you, Blocktronics! ;) ) and feel like drawing some stuff for me, I'm more than happy to use it..! ;)

I may not be an ansi artist, but I am a coder and I did code some of my own PPEs back in the 90ies and so did I in 2019: Many of the PPEs used, like the Login, the Ansi gallery, the lightbar menus and quiet some more small addons are written by me, whithin the last few weeks. Some others, I did decompile and enhance and only a few are original versions from the 90ies.
Eventually, I'll release all the PPEs, I wrote for this BBS, but it might take some time to clean them up for release...

This is an active Playground of mine! So expect stuff to break or disappear. If you want to leave me a bugreport, request or suggestion, you can do so by leaving me a [c]omment at the BBS.


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